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Boards Alive Podcast

Boards Alive is a podcast where we talk about tabletop games. Our goal is to show that tabletop gaming can be just as exciting and engaging as Hollywood movies or big budget video games. We try to highlight games that have a rich theme that connects with the mechanics of the game. We want to help people escape into tabletop games and enjoy the competition and camaraderie of gaming.

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Jun 6, 2016

In our fifty-second episode, Linsae joins Aaron and Quinten as we talk about the games we have been playing lately. We also review the worker placement and action selection game The Prodigals Club, and we discuss the best RPG campaign we've ever ran, how we deal with mundane tasks in RPGs, named weaponry, and how we create our characters in our RPG Question of the Day discussion.

This episode is sponsored by Crash of Games & Tasty Minstrel Games